Clerk’s Responsibilities

The Clerk of Court is the chief election officer of the parish, a member of the Board of Election Supervisors, and also the custodian of voting machines. The Board meets before, during and after an election. Election returns are available for viewing during tabulation on this website.

There are 26 precincts in Madison Parish, and the Absentee votes count as an additional precinct. The Board of Election Supervisors selects commissioners-in-charge, commissioners, and alternate commissioners at random from a list of persons who have been certified by the Clerk. This is done at a public meeting of the Board of Election Supervisors.

Prior to an election, the Clerk is responsible for sealing the voting machines and assuring that they are delivered to the proper precinct.

On election day, the Clerk’s office is open from 5:30 a.m. until all returns have been tabulated. In-house voting machine mechanics and personnel are available to assist voters and commissioners throughout the day.

After precincts have closed, cartridges are brought to the Clerk’s office by commissioners-in-charge and entered into the Clerk’s and Secretary of State’s computers for final results.

Post election activities include opening voting machines, verifying voting machine totals with those turned in by commissioners-in-charge, and forwarding election results to the Board of Election Supervisors and the Louisiana Secretary of State.

Election Results